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4 de dezembro de 2009

Por aqui ficam mais quatro emissões em podcast, todas de seguida, para quem as perdeu no éter ou no streaming de cada uma das estações radiofónicas. Destaques foram muitos e bons, como o projecto que reuniu Tomas Walsh e Neil Hannon, The Duckworth Lewis Method; o primeiro álbum (acho) para a banda de Seattle, Diminished Men, que conta com a produção de Randall Dunn, o homem à frente dos Secret Chiefs 3, e editado sómente em vinil na Abduction. A dupla Mungolian Jetset (a.k.a. Pål Nyhus & Knut Petter Sævik) no duplo CD "We Gave It All Away... Now We Are Taking It Back". Da editora inglesa Savoury Days demos destaque a dois projectos da casa: os Pheromoans e Human Race. Houve o regresso do casal The Dutchess and The Duke cujo novo disco tem a produção de Greg Ashley e intitula-se "Sunset/Sunrise", e tinha que soar a banda do mesmo Ashley, os Gris Gris, no álbum "Live At The Creamery". Bela surpresa foram os discos em estreita ligação com as raízes folk britânicas, pertencentes aos Spiro ("Lightbox" na Real World) e das manas Becky e Rachel Unthank, que assinam agora The Unthanks ("Here's The Tender Coming" na Rough Trade). Ainda nos chegou o noise dos russos de Moscovo, uSSSy, na RAIG; os belos pop rockers Jail, com "There's No Sky-Oh My My"; os Talibam! agora na ESP Disk; e finalmente o longa duração estreia para os Diabo Na Cruz pela FlorCaveira com o nome de "Virou!". Palavras elogiosas já por muitas vezes repetidas são as que proferimos sempre que os Built To Spill, Bassekou Kouyate, Vic Chesnutt ou os Richmond Fontaine editam novos trabalhos, como foi recentemente o caso. Façam favor de os ouvir, a esses e outros, nestas duas horas de rádio.

PLAYLIST 31Outubro2009

1ª hora

-The Sand Pebbles "Wild Season"/"I Don't Ever Want To Come Down" A Thousand Wild Flowers  (Double Feature)

-The Duckworth Lewis Method "The Sweet Spot" The Duckworth Lewis Method  (Divine Comedy)

-Tortoise "Prepare Your Coffin" Beacons Of Ancestorship  (Thrill Jockey)

-Diminished Men "GG Narrows" Shadow Instrumentals  (Abduction)

-3 Mustaphas 3 "Trois Fois Trois (City Version)"/"Aj Zajdi Zajdi Jasno Sonce" Heart Of Uncle  (Globestyle)

-Mungolian Jetset "Y Lenotokone Mungo"/"Creepy" We Gave It All Away... Now we Are Taking It Back  (Smalltown Supersound)

-Cave "High, I Am" Psychic Psummer  (Important)

-D.M. Stith "BMB (Son Lux Remix)" BMB EP  (Asthmatic Kitty)

-Cyrz "Pardon Messieurs-Dames" Mélancolie Frénétique  (PIAS)

2ª hora

-Björn Kleinhenz "Black Water" B.U.R.M.A.  (American Typewriter)

-The Lava Children "Firefly" The Lava Children  (Graveface)

-The Low Frequency In Stereo "Geordie la Forge" Futuro  (Rune Grammofon)

-The Clientele "I Wonder Who We Are"/"Bonfires On The Heat" Bonfires On The Heat  (Merge)

-Les Annés "Freaktown Stars" Les Annés  (Off The Hip)

-Vetiver "Stricly Rule" Tight Knit  (Bella Union)

-Blind Pilot "Oviedo" 3 Rounds And A Sound (Expunged)

-The Mountain Goats "Genesis 3:23" Life Of The World To Come  (4AD)

-The Most Serene Republic "Phi" ...And The Ever Expanding Universe  (Arts And Crafts)

-Fool's Gold "Ha Dvash" Fool's Gold  (Iamsound)

-Tinariwen "Imazeghen N Adagh" Imidiwan: Companions  (Independiente)

-The Love Language "Nocturne" The Love Language  (Bladen County)

-Bowerbirds "Northern Lights" Upper Air  (Dead Oceans)


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PLAYLIST 07Novembro2009

1ª hora

-Pick A Piper "Yellow Knife" Pick A Piper EP  (Crony)

-The Clientele "Never Anyone But You" Bonfires On The Heath  (Merge)

-Pheromoans "Late Night Mad Fest" CD-R  (Savoury Days)

-Human Race "Woke Up This Morning" CD-R  (Savoury Days)

-Black Joe Lewis And The Honeybears "Gunpowder"/"Sugarfoot" Tell 'em What Your Name Is  (Wrasse)

-3 Mustaphas 3 "Starehe Mustapha I, II and III" Friends, Fiends And Fronds  (Omnium)

-Diminished Men "Douse The Glim" Shadow Instrumentals  (Abduction)

-Darlings "Friends Forever" Yeah I Know  (Famous Class)

-Boston Spaceships "Radical Amazement" Zero To 99  (Guided By Voices)

-The Dutchess And The Duke "I Don't Feel Anything" Sunset/Sunrise  (Hardly Art)

-The Gris Gris "Necessary Separation" Live At The Creamery  (Real Time)

-Dan Melchior Und Das Menace "Smut!" Obscured By Fuzz  (Topplers)

2ª hora

-D.M. Stith "BMB" BMB EP  (Asthmatic Kitty)

-Spiro "The Darling Plains"/"Shaft" Lightbox  (Real World)

-The Unthanks "Because He Was A Bonny Lad"/"Sad February" Here's The Tender Coming  (Rough Trade)

-Mungolian Jetset "It Ain't Necessarily Evil" c/ Mari Boine  We Gave It All Away... Now We Are Taking It Back  (Smalltown Supersound)

-Rival Consoles "1985" Io  (Erased Tapes)

-uSSSy "837684" uSSSy  (Raig)

-Jail "Beggar Sincere" There's No Sky-Oh My My  (Burger)

-Bowerbirds "Northern Light" Upper Air  (Dead Oceans)

-The Black Heart Procession "Witching Stone" Six  (Temporary Residence)

-Sian Alice Group "Love That Moves The Sun" Troubled, Shaken, etc.  (Beautiful Happiness)

-The Dunhill Blues "Monica"/"Carcrash" Featuring Carcrash And Other Hits  (Off The Hip)


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PLAYLIST 14Novembro2009

1ª hora

-The Duckworth Lewis Method "The Age Of Revolution" The Duckworth Lewis Method  (Divine Comedy)

-Spiro "Pop" Lightbox  (Real World)

-Diabo Na Cruz "Bom Tempo" Virou!  (FlorCaveira)

-Talibam! "Slap Your Boots On! Oyster Await" Boogie In The Breeze Blocks  (ESP Disk)

-Girls "Laura" Album  (Fantasy Trashcan)

-The New Amsterdams "Wait" At The Foot Of My Rival  (Artic Rodeo)

-Beth Jeans Houghton And The Hooves Of Destiny "Cruel Francis" Hot Toast-Volume One  (Static Caravan)

-Dead Ghosts "The Girl Across The Street"/"Messed Up" Live  (Southpaw)

-The Mountain Goats "Psalms 40:2" Life Of The World To Come  (4AD)

-Jay Reatard "Can't Do It Anymore" Watch Me Fall  (Matador)

-Brownout "Slinky" Aguilas And Cobras  (Six Degrees)

-Papercuts "A Dicator's Lament" You Can Have What You Want  (Memphis Industries)

-The Unthanks "Lucky Gilchrist" Here's The Tender Coming  (Rough Trade)

-Wild Beats "The Fun Powder Plot" Two Dancers  (Domino)

2ª hora

-The Most Serene Republic "Heavens And Purgatory" ...And The Ever Expanding Universe  (Arts & Crafts)

-Dinosaur Jr. "Pieces"/"Ocean In The Way" Farm  (PIAS)

-Health "Death+"/"Eat Flesh" Get Color  (City Slang)

-Bassekou Kouyate And Ngoni Ba "Mussow-For Our Women" I Speak Fula  (Out Here)

-3 Mustaphas 3 "Kopanitsa"/"Linda Linda (Ach Ya Linda)" Friends, Fiends And Fronds  (Omnium)

-Vic Chesnutt "Coward" At The Cut  (Constelation)

-Jail "Beggar Sincere"/"Always Wrong" There's No Sky-Oh My My  (Burger)

-Richmond Fontaine "The Boyfriends" We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River  (Decor)

-uSSSy "CAMS (Cops Are My Slaves)" uSSSy  (Raig)

-Spoon "Got Nuffin" Got Nuffin EP  (Merge)


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PLAYLIST 21Novembro2009

1ª hora

-Extra Golden "Gimakiny Akia" Thank You Very Quickly  (Thrill Jockey)

-The Dodos "Fables" Time To Die  (Wichita)

-Magic People "the Pigeon And The Eggs" You Are The Magic People  (Mister)

-Tandy Love And Mad Smooth - Jac O' Grou "Raincoats Trace" Anagram Jam  (Fat City)

-The Black Heart Procession "Forget My Heart" Six  (Temporary Residence)

-Talibam! "Jim O'Rourke" Boogie In The Breeze Blocks  (ESP Disk)

-David Sylvian "Snow White In Appalachia" Manafon  (Samadhisound)

-Rival Consoles "Milo" Io  (Erased Tapes)

-The Fresh And Onlys "Invisible Forces" Grey-Eyed Girls  (Woodsist/Revolver)

-The Clientele "Sketch"/"I Know I Will See Your Face" Bonfires On The Heat  (Merge)

-Hoots And Hellmouth "You And All Of Us" The Holy Open Secret  (Mad Dragon)

2ª hora

-Mount Eerie "My Heart Is Not At Peace"/"The Hidden Stone" Wind's Poem  (P.W. Elverum & Sun)

-João Coração "Muda Que Muda" Muda Que Muda  (FlorCaveira)

-Vic Chesnutt "Concord Country Jubilee" At The Cut  (Constelation)

-Jail "No Mindless Love"/"The Biggest Nugget Of The All" There's No Sky-Oh My My  (Burger)

-Built To Spill "Hindsight"/"Pat" There Is No Enemy  (Warner Bros.)

-The Retail Sectors "Forlorn Dreamland" The Starlight Silent Night  (Symbolic Interaction)

-Bassekou Kouyate And Ngoni Ba "Torin Torin" c/ Harouna Samake  I Speak Fula  (Out Here)

-Lights "Heavy Drops" Rites  (Drag City)

-Kid Silver "Dead City Sunbeams"/"Racing Daylight" Dead City Sunbeams  (Jet Set)


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