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28 de abril de 2010

Uffizi, Todd Trainer e os restantes Shellac
Belo curto documentário sobre o animal de estimação do baterista dos Shellac e a importãncia do mesmo na música da banda, tanto que até está na capa daquele que é, até agora, o último trabalho discográfico do grupo.

E não esquecer os concertos ao vivo que, finalmente!, os Shellac vêm fazer a Portugal: 24 de Maio na ZDB em Lisboa e no dia seguinte em Serralves no Porto.

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20 de abril de 2010

Technology and the Soul of College Radio

É impressão minha ou nos últimos tempos falasse bastante sobre rádio? Principalmente sobre as novas tecnologias que estão a transformar este meio de comunicação. Na Popmatters podem encontrar mais um excelente artigo sobre as rádios universitárias norte-americanas e a sua ligação aos novos meios, sob o título supra-citado. Sigam o link.
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16 de abril de 2010

Belo documentário sobre as rádios piratas em Londres, desde os seus primórdios nos anos 50 e 60 do século passado até aos dias de hoje. Vale a pena ver o local onde inicialmente começaram a transmitir, no estuário do Tamisa, e as dificuldades porque passavam, até à forma que hoje em dia têm para não serem detectados pelo OFCOM, o organismo que regula as telecomunicações em Inglaterra, estando os transmissores nos arranha-céus da capital inglesa, de rádios como a Flex FM, a Kool FM e a Rinse FM.

"The thing about pirate radio in London is it's kind of everywhere, it's hidden in plain sight. If you turn on the radio, you tune the dial left to right you'll find a station but if you look around you you're not going to see them and they're literally all over the place. They're in residential neighbourhoods, in big tower blocks... there are pirates transmitting, about 80 stations across the city still exist today".

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12 de abril de 2010

Yeasayer/Owen Pallett
Excelentes videos!

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8 de abril de 2010


PLAYLIST 03Abril2010

1ª hora

-Joanna Newsom "Soft As Chalk" Have One On Me  (Drag City)

-The Bundles "Pirates Declare War" The Bundles  (K)

-Modern Mountaineers "Everybody's Truckin'" Hillbilly Fever Vol.1-Legends Of Western Swing  (Rhino)

-Hank Penny And His Radio Cowboys "Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon" Hillbilly Fever Vol.1-Legends Of Western Swing  (Rhino)

-Johnnie Lee Wills And His Boys "Milk Cow Blues" Hillbilly Fever Vol.1-Legends Of Western Swing  (Rhino)

-The Fall "O.F.Y.C. Showcase"/"Funnel Of Love" Your Future Our Clutter  (Domino)

-The Staggers "Little Girl" Vollanalog!-A Celluloid Gurus Compilation Of Organ Driven Soul, Surf, Sleaze And Beat  (Celluloid Gurus)

-Bird Show Band "Quintet One" Bird Show Band  (Amish)

-Dark Dark Dark "Something For Myself" Bright Bright Bright  (Supply And Demand)

-Nice Nice "A Way We Glow"/"On And On" Extra Wow  (Warp)

2ª hora

-Japanese Koto Orchestra "Nagare (The Stream)" Five Kotos, Hoteki, Shamisen And Shakuachi-Koto Ensemble Of The Ikuta Scool  (Lyrichord)

-Free Energy "Dream City" Stuck On Nothing  (DFA)

-Vampire Weekend "Run" Contra  (XL)

-Julie Fader "Walking And Talking" Outside In  (Megaphon)

-The Devil Makes Three "All Hail"/"Gracefully Facedown" Do Wrong Right  (Milan)

-By Divine Right "Figure Me Out" Mutant Message  (Hand Drawn Dracula)

-The Consumers "Teen Love Song"/"Anti, Anti, Anti"/"Consumers" All My Friends Are Dead  (In The Red)

-The Soft Pack "Move Along"/"Parasites" The Soft Pack  (Heavenly)

-Chandeliers "Pharoah's Fury"/"Baker Bros." Dirty Moves  (Pickled Egg)

-High Places "The Longest Shadows" High Places Vs. Mankind  (Thrill Jockey)


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PLAYLIST 27Março2010

1ª hora

-Girls "Darling"/"Morning Light" Album  (Fantasy Trashcan)

-Dan Bryk "City Of..." Pop Psychology  (Urban Myth)

-Nice Nice "One Hit" Extra Wow  (Warp)

-Joanna Newsom "Occident" Have One On Me  (Drag City)

-Junkpille Jimmy "Sugar Baby"/"Lee Harvey"/"Massacra" Alberhill (Cártel Illustre)

-Jonathan Wilson "Desert Raven" Mexican Summer Compilation  (Mexican Summer)

-The Black Ryder "All That We See" Mexican Summer Compilation  (Mexican Summer)

-Wolf People "Cotton Strands" Tidings  (Jagjaguwar)

-Fort Worth Doughboys "Sunbonnet Sue" Hillbilly Fever Vol.1-Legends Of Western Swing  (Rhino)

-Milton Brown And His Brownies "Taking Off" Hillbilly Fever Vol.1-Legends Of Western Swing  (Rhino)

-Jacuzzi Boys "Planet Of The Dreamers" No Seasons  (Florida's Diyng)

-Galactic "Wild Man" Ya-Ka-May  (Anti)

-Beat Circus "The February Train" Boy From Black Mountain  (Cuneiform)

2ª hora

-Wake The President "Mail, Alice"/"You Can't Change That Boy" You Can't Change That Boy  (Electric Honey)

-Laura Veirs "Is The Champion" July Flame  (Bella Union)

-The Electric Bunnies "What's Your Favourite Thing" Through The Magical Door  (Florida's Diyng)

-Dark Dark Dark "Bright Bright Bright" Bright Bright Bright  (Supply And Demand)

-Vieux Farka Touré "Diaraby Magni" Peter Pozorek And DJ Umb Juke Boyz Re-Charge  Other Roads-Fondo Remixed  (Six Degrees)

-Quasi "Repulsion"/"Everything And Nothing At All" American Gong  (Domino)

-Julie Fader "Maps"/"Walking And Talking" Outside In  (Megaphon)

-Picastro "The Stiff" Become Secret  (Monotreme)

-Simon Fisher Turner "Un Chant D'amour" A Film By Jean Genet  Music From Films You Should Have Seen  (Optical Sound)


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PLAYLIST 20Março2010

1ª hora

-Sleepy Sun "Lord" Embrace  (ATP)

-The Growlers "Old 8 Legs"/"Acid Rain" Are You In Or Out?  (Everloving)

-Bullion "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times"/"Caroline, No"/"God Only Knows" Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee  (self-released)

-Nedry "A42" Condors  (Monotreme)

-The Above "Don't Believe In The Light" The Above  (self-released)

-Congo Norvell "Husbands"/"You Can Lay With Dogs" The Dope, The Lies, The Vaseline  (promo-nunca editado)

-The Jim Jones Revue "Cement Mixer" Here To Save Your Soul-Singles Volume One  (Punk Rock Blues)

-The Soft Pack "Answer To Yourself" The Soft Pack  (Heavenly)

-Built To Spill "Hindsight" There Is No Enemy  (Warner Bros.)

-The Bundles "Desert Bundles" The Bundles  (K)

-Stanley Brinks "Give Me A Reason"/"I Didn't Know" Hoots  (b.y.)

2ª hora

-Soulsavers "Some Misunderstanding" c/ Mark Lanegan  Broken  (V2)

-Oy "First Box Then Walk"/"Naughty Girl" First Box Then Walk  (Creaked)

-Galactic "Friends Of Science"/"Heart Of Steel" c/ Irma Thomas  Ya-Ka-May  (Anti)

-Balaclavas "Nine Livers" Roman Holiday  (Dull Knife)

-Yeasayer "O.N.E." Odd Blood  (EMI)

-Joanna Newsom "Soft As Chalk"/"Good Intentions Paving Co." Have One On Me  (Drag City)

-Balmorhea "Steerage And The Lamp" Constellations  (Western Vinyl)

-Junkpile Jimmy "Train Wreck"/"Lee Harvey" Alberhill  (Cártel Illustre)

-The Electric Bunnies "What's Your Favourite Thing" Through The Magical Door  (Florida's Diyng)

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5 de abril de 2010


PLAYLIST 13Março2010

1ª hora

-La Strada "The Sun Song" La Strada EP  (Ernest Jenning)

-LoneLady "Intuition" Nerve Up  (Warp)

-Wolf People "Black Water" Tidings  (Jagjaguwar)

-Yeasayer "Ambling Alp"/"Love Me Girl" Odd Blood  (EMI)

-Life On Earth! "There And Then" A Space Water Loop  (Subliminal Sounds)

-Oy "First Box Then Walk"/"Trolls" First Box Then Walk  (Creaked)

-Spoon "I Saw The Light" Transference  (Merge)

-Congo Norvell "Body And Soul"/"Warm Tonight" Abnormals Anonymous  (Jet Set)

-The Magnetic Fields "Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree" Realism  (Nonesuch)

-Balaclavas "Roman Holiday"/"True Believers" Roman Holiday  (Dull Knife)

2ª hora

-Midlake "Acts Of Man" The Courage Of Others  (Bella Union)

-The Bundles "Pirates Declare War"/"Klutter" The Bundles  (K)

-Erland And The Carnival "The Derby Ram"/"Was You Ever See" Erland And The Carnival  (Full Time Hobby)

-Mayyors "The Crawl" Deads EP  (Not On)

-Stanley Brinks "Good Old Me" Hoots  (b.y.)

-The Above "Bollywood Woman"/"Special Something" The Above  (self-released)

-Heavy Trash "Good Man" Midnight Soul Serenade  (Bronzerat)

-Laura Veirs "Sun Is King" July Flame  (Bella Union)

-The Soft Pack "C'mon"/"Down On Loving" The Soft Pack  (Heavenly)

-Animal Collective "Graze" Fall Be Kind  (Domino)

-Real Estate "Pool Swimmers" Real Estate  (Woodsist)

-Shearwater "Black Eyes"/"Landscape At Speed" The Golden Archipelago  (Matador)


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PLAYLIST 06Março2010

1ª hora

-St. Vincent "Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood"/"Marrow" Actor  (4AD)

-Vic Chesnutt "Philip Guston" At The Cut  (Constellation)

-Das Aldi Combo "Piano Song" Vollanalog! A Celluloid Gurus Compilation Of Organ Driven Soul, Surf, Sleaze & Beat  (Celluloid)

-Balaclavas "Up The Newell" Roman Holiday  (Dull Knife)

-Cryptacize "Tail And Mane" Mythomania  (Asthmatic Kitty)

-Brian Borcherdt "Scout Leader" Coyotes  (Hand Drawn Dracula)

-Midlake "Winter Dies" The Courage Of Others  (Bella Union)

-Black Joe Lewis And The Honeybears "Boogie" Tell 'Em What Your Name Is  (Wrasse)

-LoneLady "Intuition"/"Cattletears" Nerve Up  (Warp)

-The Above "Act Your Age" Act Your Age EP  (self-released)

-Thee Oh Sees "A Flag In The Court" Help  (In The Red)

-John Doe And The Sadies "It Just Dawned On Me"/"(Now And Then) There's A Fool Such As I" Country Club  (Yep Roc)

2ª hora

-Dan Melchior's Broke Revue "Moving Sideways"/"Clone In Bigtown" O, Clouds Unfold!  (Caroline)

-Congo Norvell "Brother Jack"/"Johnny In The Boudoir" Abnormals Anonymous  (Jet Set)

-Owen Pallett "Flare Gun" Heartland  (Domino)

-The Duckworth Lewis Method "The Sweet Spot" The Duckworth Lewis Method  (Divine Comedy)

-Quasi "Little White Horse" American Gong  (Domino)

-Shearwater "Corridors"/"Black Eyes" The Golden Archipelago  (Matador)

-Sarah Winchester "Northeast Kingdom" Portland Stories: A Collection Of Nine Songs Produced And Compiled By Heather Woods Broderick (Sonic Pieces)

-DM Stith "Morning Glory Cloud" Heavy Ghost  (Asthmatic Kitty)

-Vampire Weekend "White Sky" Contra  (XL)

-Fever B "Guitar Heart" The Lonely Sailor Sessions 12''  (Burger)

-Disappears "Gone Completely" Live Over The Rainbo  (Plustapes)

-Kleinschmager Audio "Audio 2" Audiology  (Rrygular)

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Programa radiofónico semanal ao Sábado na Rádio Castrense 93.0 fm (Baixo-Alentejo) e Rádio Universidade de Coimbra 107.9 fm, bem como ao domingo na Universidade Fm 104.3 (Trás-os-Montes), em Portugal e na Rádio UFSCar 95.3 fm, em São Carlos, no Brasil.

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EXTRA EAR is a radio show broadcasted by one radio station in Brazil, Radio UFSCar 95.3 fm, and three radio stations in Portugal: Coimbra University's Radio 107.9 fm, Radio Castrense 93.0 fm and Universidade FM 104.3.

















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