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25 de setembro de 2010


Playlist 18Setembro2010

1ª hora

-Spoon "Nobody Gets Me But You" Transference  (Merge)

-Livehuman "2 AM"/"Quick Eleven" Elefish Jellyphant  (Matador)

-Andrew Collberg "Clouds Of All Your Rain" On The Wreath  (Groove Attack)

-High Places "On Giving Up" High Places Vs. Mankind  (Thrill Jockey)

-Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti  "Bright Lit Blue Skies" Before Today  (4AD)

-Bessie Smith "Moan, You Moaners" Flashbacks Vol. 5-Gospel And Prayers-Halleluja 1926-1946  (Trikont)

-Sister Rosetta Tharpe "Strange Things Happen Every Day" Flashbacks Vol. 5-Gospel And Prayers-Halleluja 1926-1946  (Trikont)

-Lower Dens "Blue And Silver"/"Hospice Gates" Twin-Hand Movement  (Gnomonsong)

-A Frames "Plastica"/"Togetherness" 333  (SS)

-MDM "Cores Voltando" MDM  (Submarine)

-Howe Gelb And A Band Of Gypsies "Notoriety" Alegrías  (Eureka)

-Tinariwen "Lulla" Imidiwan: Companions  (Independiente)

2ª hora

-Toog "L'esprit De L'inventeur" Goto  (Karaoke Kalk)

-Anna Domino "Blood Makes Noise" Allergy To Consciousness Tribal Version Blood Makes Noise single  (EnT-T)

-Jaill "That's How We Burn" That's How We Burn  (Sub Pop)

-Carlou D "Fimadiar" Muzikr  (World Village)

-Sunset Rubdown "Silver Moons" Dragonslayer  (Jagjaguwar)

-Wolf Parade "Cloud Shadow On The Mountain" Expo 86  (Sub Pop)

-Os Haxixins "À Beira Da Loucura" Debaixo Das Pedras  (Groovie)

-Shoptoprockers "Cash In Fly Out" A Range Of Greatdividing compilation  (Unwucht)

-Ty Segall "Imaginary Person" Melted  (Goner)

-Sun Kil Moon "Third And Seneca" Admiral Fell Promises  (Caldo Verde)

-Eleven Tigers "Couldn't"/"Thesis" Clouds Are Mountains  (Soul Motive)

-Arcade Fire "Empty Room" The Suburbs  (Merge)


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Playlist 11Setembro2010

1ª hora

-Laura Veirs "Summer Is The Champion" July Flame  (Bella Union)

-Stan McMahon "Have You Found Your Yoko Yet?"/!Mesmerized" The Stan McMahon Band  (Burger)

-Ty Segall "Sad Fuzz" Melted  (Goner)

-Arcade Fire "The Suburbs"/"Ready To Start" The Suburbs  (Merge)

-Yuk "Oh Shaman"/"Only When She Smiles" A D W A  (Leaving)

-Broken Social Scene "Ungrateful Little Father" Forgiveness Rock Record  (City Slang)

-Cibelle "Man From Mars" Las Vênus Resort Palace  (Crammed Discs)

-Andrew Cedermark "Lookin' For A Boswell" split c/ Drunk Tigers  (Funny/Not Funny)

-Wild Beasts "This Is Our Lot" Two Dancers  (Domino)

-The Love Language "Summer Dust" Libraries  (Merge)

2ª hora

-The Pizazz "Benjamin Woodruff"/"Laugh Track" Get Out Of My House  (Burger)

-Kurt Vile "Invisibility: Nonexistent" Square Shells  (Matador)

-Dungen "Min Enda Vän" Skit I Allt  (Subliminal Sounds)

-DM Stith "A Soft Seduction" Heavy Ghost Appendices  (Asthmatic Kitty)

-Reigning Sound "The Bells"/"Dangerous Game" Love And Curses  (In The Red)

-Lower Dens "Blue And Silver"/"Tea Lights" Twin-Hand Movement  (Gnomonsong)

-Wet Illustrated "Born Stoked" Born Stoked 7''  (Corvette City)

-The Clientele "Minotaur" Minotaur  (Merge)

-Deep Brain Thrombosis "Glam Fail" A Range Of Greatdividing compilation  (Unwucht)

-Dr. Frankenstein "Sneaky Surf"/"You Can Go" In 4 Dimensions  (DDB)

-Laurie Anderson "Only An Expert" Homeland  (Nonesuch)


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Playlist 04Setembro2010

1ª hora

-The Books "I Didn't Know That" The Way Out  (Temporary Residence)

-Frog Eyes "The Sensitive Girls" Paul's Tomb: A Triumph  (Dead Oceans)

-Dr. Frankenstein "Night Train To Liverpool"/"Sneaky Surf" In 4 Dimensions  (DDB)

-Darker My Love "Backseat"/"Split Minute" Alive As You Are  (Dangerbird)

-The Baptist Generals "2/3rds Jim's Head"/"Pats The Rub" Dog  (Munich)

-Stan McMahon "Have You Found Your Yoko Yet?" The Stan McMahon Band  (Burger)

-Calibro 35 "Eurocrime!" Ritornano Quelli Di...  (Ghost)

-The Above "Come Quick" The Above  (self-released)

-Yuk "Oh Shaman" A D W A  (Leaving)

-Vetiver "Used To Be A King" Be Yourself-A Tribute To Graham Nash's Songs For Beginners  (Grass Roots)

-Neverever "Blue Genes" Angelic Swells  (Slumberland)

-Built To Spill "Good Ol' Boredom" There Is No Enemy  (Warner Bros.)

2ª hora

-Eleven Tigers "Made OF"/"Songs For You" Clouds Are Mountains  (Soul Motive)

-Love Cry Want "Peace" Love Cry Want  (Weird Forest)

-The Love Language "This Blood Is Our Own" Libraries  (Merge)

-A Frames "Honkeys"/"Melt"/"Afterbreath" 333  (SS)

-Keepaway "Yellow Wings" Baby Style EP  (Lefse)

-Robyn Hitchock And Venus 3 "Propellor Time" Propellor Time  (Sartorial)

-DM Stith "Easy To Be Around"/"Pigs" c/ Jefferson Street Band  Heavy Ghost Appendices  (Asthmatic Kitty)

-The Family Elan "Kavalla Oyun Havasi" Bow Low Bright Glow  (Altvinyl)

-Health "We Are Water" Get Color  (City Slang)


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Playlist 28Agosto2010

1ª hora

-Mimicking Birds "Burning Stars" Mimicking Birds  (Glacial Pace)

-The Pernice Brothers "Bechamel" Goodbye, Killer  (One Little Indian)

-Eleven Tigers "Songs For You"/"Couldn't" Clouds Are Mountains  (Soul Motive)

-Ozzie "Old Fart From Arcturus"/"Geometry" The Parabolic Rock 1975-1982  (SS)

-Disappears "Magics" Lux  (Kranky)

-Jaill "The Stroller" That's How We Burn  (Sub Pop)

-Cibelle "Melting The Ice" Las Vênus Resort Palace Hotel  (Crammed Discs)

-The Mynabirds "Give It Time" What We Lose In The Fire We Gain In The Flood  (Saddle Creek)

-Gauntlet Hair "I Was Thinking..." I Was Thinking... single  (self-released)

-Teenager "Too Nice To Say No" Give Me Pink  (Telephone Explosion)

-Steve Mason "Understand My Heart" Boys Outside  (Double Six)

-The Magnetic Fields "Walk A Lonely Road"/"Always Already Gone" Realism  (Nonesuch)

2 ª hora

-Lucertulas "In This Town"/"A Wicked Eel" The Brawl  (Robot Radio/Machina Dischi)

-Blackbird Blackbird "Heartbeat"/"Happy High" Summer Heart  (Arcane Sound Ltd.)

-Yawn "Kind Of Guy" Yawn EP  (self-released)

-Admiral Radley "Ghost Of Syllables" I Heart California  (The Ship)

-Serafina Steer "Shut Up Shop"/"GSOH" Change Is Good Change Is Good  (Static Caravan)

-The Budos Band "Unbroken, Unshaven" The Budos Band III  (Daptone)

-Pop Dell'Arte "Slave For Sale" Contra Mundum  (Presente)

-Dr. Frankenstein "Night Train To Liverpool" In 4 Dimensions  (DDJ)

-Menomena "Queen Black Acid"/"Five Little Rooms" Mines  (City Slang)

-Jeremy Jay "As You Look Over The City" Splash  (K)

-Fops "Yellow Jacket Corpse" Yeth Yeth Yeth  (Monotreme)


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14 de setembro de 2010

Já nossos conhecidos do primeiro álbum homónimo editado o ano passado, vão concerteza bisar nos melhores discos deste 2010, por aqui. São o projecto do norte-americano Stuart McLamb que afirmou aquando do disco estreia, que aquelas canções que por lá estavam nunca foram para ser editadas já que eram apenas para a sua, agora, ex-namorada. De momento McLamb encontra-se à frente de uma verdadeira banda, os tais Love Language que lançam o segundo longa-duração, o ainda melhor "Libraries", na Merge. Belas, românticas e sónicas canções encimadas pela caracteristica voz de Stuart, que se pode comprovar em duas delas, ao vivo, no video abaixo.

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