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12 de fevereiro de 2011


Playlist 25Dezembro2010

1ª hora

-Steve Wynn And The Miracle 3 "No One Ever Drowns" Northern Aggression  (Blue Rose)

-Sharon Van Etten "Don't Do It" Epic  (Ba Da Bing)

-Nobody's Bizness "I Want A Little Boy"/"When Monday Comes" It's Everybody's Bizness Now  (self-released)

-Hidrogenesse "He Falls To Me" Hidrogenesse Vs. The Hidden Cameras  (Austrohúngaro)

-Chuck Berry "Run Rudolph Run" Mojo's Festive Fifteen  (Mojo Magazine Sampler)

-Hannah Peel And Tunng "Hey Santa!" Mojo's Festive Fifteen  (Mojo Magazine Sampler)

-Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp "Orchestre Tout Puissant" Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp  (Red Wig)

-Flying Lotus "Pickled!"/"Nose Art"/"Do The Astral Plane" Cosmogramma  (Warp)

-Angel Olsen "My Last Date (With You)"/"You Don't Know" Lady Of The Watermark  (Bathetic)

-Paul Cary "The Curse Of China Bull" Ghost Of A Man  (Stankhouse)

-Merchandise "I Locked The Door" (Strange Songs) In The Dark  (self-released)

2ª hora

-Khaira Arby "Wayidou" Timbuktu Tarab  (Clermont)

-King Sunny Adé "Emi Won N'ile Yi O" Bábá Mo Tundé  (Mesa Blue Moon)

-Dungen "Blandband" Skit I Allt  (Subliminal Sounds)

-Zeena Parkins "The Dining Room. That Evening. Manuel, Mariana And Amalia Sit At The Table, Louie Enters His Hand Bandaged"/"The Butcher Shop. A Month Later. Evening. Louie, Very Well Dressed, Totals Up His Opium Sales Using An Abacus, Then Writes Them In His Ledger"/"The Bedroom, That Night. Manuel Confides In The Young Clemente"  Opium War. A Radio Play  (Einstein)

-Mini Mansions "The Room Outside" Mini Mansions  (Ipecac)

-The Limiñanas "Je Ne Suis Pas Trés Drogué"/"Funeral Baby" The Limiñanas  (Trouble In Mind)

-Eleven Tigers "Songs For You" Clouds Are Mountains  (Soul Motive)

-Sarah Jarosz "Song Up In Her Head"/"Edge Of A Dream" Song Up In Her Head  (Sugar Hill)

-Nils Frahm "Because This Must Be" Keys-A Comprehensive Collection Of Contemporary Piano Compositions  (American Typewriter)

-Gabriela Parra "The Child Who Talked To The Wind" Keys-A Comprehensive Collection Of Contemporary Piano Compositions  (American Typewriter)

-Marco Benevento "Two Of You" Between The Needles And Nightfall  (Royal Potato)


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