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26 de agosto de 2013

Interrupções do programa na R.U.A.

Desde há umas semanas para cá que a Rádio Universitária do Algarve começou a fazer relatos de jogos de futebol ao Sábado, o que tem feito com que o Orelha Extra não seja transmitido. Somos alheios a esta situação, dizendo-nos a direcção da rádio que em principio esses relatos serão para se manter, não havendo ainda a certeza. Como não achamos que estas interrupções, sem aviso prévio, sejam agradáveis para os ouvintes, ou para mim, solicitei que me arranjassem um novo horário, mas responderam-me que de momento não há um outro horário disponível. Como tal, as emissões do programa estão suspensas até que esta situação se resolva. 

As nossas desculpas pelo facto.



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Playlist 23/24Agosto2013

1ª hora

-!!! "Careful" Thr!!!er  (Warp)

-La Luz "Sure As Spring" Damp Face  (Burger)

-Demdike Stare "Dyslogy" Testpressing #003  (Modern Love)

-Elephant Stone "The Sea Of Your Mind" Elephant Stone  (Hidden Pony)

-Moon Wiring Club "The Summer Door" Down To The Silver Sea  (Gecophonic Audio Systems)

-Howling Moss "June Buggy" Down To The Silver Sea  (Gecophonic Audio Systems)

-Howell Devine "Howell Devine Boogie Woogie"/"Help Me" Jumps, Boogies And Wobbles  (Arhoolie)

-Forest Swords "Ljoss" Engravings  (Tri Angle)

-Alela Diane "Black Sheep" About Farewell  (Believe)

-Mark Ernestus presents Jeri-Jeri "Gawlo" c/ Baaba Maal 800% Ndagga  (Ndagga)

-Mostly Other People Do The Killing "Jersey Shore" Slippery Rock!  (Hot Cup)

2ª hora

-Lumerians "High Frontier" The High Frontier  (Knitting Factory)

-Boards Of Canada "Reach For The Dead"/"Cold Earth" Tomorrow's Harvest  (Warp)

-Yast "Stupid" Yast  (Adrian)

-Cloud Boat "Youthern" Book Of Hours  (Apollo)

-Dick Diver "Bondi '98" Calendar Days  (Chapter Music)

-McCarthy "Should The Bible Be Banned"/"An MP Speaks"/"The Fall" That's All Very Well, But...  (Cherry Red)

-Cream Juice "Oh Oh Oh Oh" Man Feelings  (Orange Milk)

-Hellsongs "Iron Man" These Are Evil Times  (Tapete)

-Luke Haines "Magic Interlude 1"/"A Badger Called Nick Lowe" Rock And Roll Animals  (Cherry Red)

-Bombino "Imuhar" Nomad  (Nonesuch)

-The Boats "Space Judder" Interpretatios On F. C. Judd  (Public Information)

-Liam Hayes "Rock And Roll" A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III  (Nightfever)



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20 de agosto de 2013


Playlist 16/17Agosto2013

1ª hora

-Melt Yourself Down "Release!" Melt Yourself Down  (Leaf)

-Kurt Vile "KV Crimes" Wakin' On A Pretty Daze  (Matador)

-Dan Melchior "FFF"/"She's A Creeper" K-85  (Homeland)

-Rokia Traoré "Ka Moun Ké" Beautiful Africa  (Nonesuch)

-Rabih Beaini "Maples And Rocks"/"Kessara 3" Albidaya  (Annihaya)

-Daughn Gibson "Phantom Rider" Me Moan  (Sub Pop)

-Corin Raymond And The Sundowners "The Glovebox Of Our Beloved Buick Century Wagon"/"Sugar Candy Mountain" Paper Nickels  (Local Rascal)

-Boards Of Canada "Reach For The Dead" Tomorrow's Harvest  (Warp)

-Queens Of The Stone Age "My God Is The Sun" ...Like Clockwork  (Matador)

-La Luz "Damp Face" Damp Face  (Burger)

2ª hora

-Hacker Farm "Burlington"/"Grinch" U/H/F  (Exotic Pylon)

-Master Musicians Of Bukkake "Arche" Far West  (Important)

-King Creosote "Going Gone" That Might Well Be It, Darling  (Domino)

-Cream Juice "Spastic Man" Man Feelings  (Orange Milk)

-Mikal Cronin "Change" MCII  (Merge)

-D. R. Hooker "I'm Leaving You"/"The Truth" The Truth  (Subliminal Sound)

-Julian Cope "Revolutionary Suicide" Revolutionary Suicide  (Head Heritage)

-Eric Copeland "Tinkerbell" Joke In The Hole  (DFA)

-The Invisible Hands "Hitman Boy" The Invisible Hands  (Abduction)



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12 de agosto de 2013


Playlist 09/10Agosto2013

1ª hora

-Alela Diane "Lost Land" About Farewell  (Believe)

-Anna Hillburg "Instead"/"Everyone's Eyes" Anna Hillburg  (California Clap)

-Demdike Stare "Primitive Equations 1" Testpressing #002  (Modern Love)

-Thee Oh Sees "I Come From The Mountain" Floating Coffin  (Castle Face)

-D. R. Hooker "This Thing"/"Forge Your Own Chains" The Truth  (Subliminal Sounds)

-Eric Copeland "Cheap Treat" Joke In The Hole  (DFA)

-Jaimeo Brown "You Can't Hide" Transcendence  (Motéma)

-Matt Pond "When The Moon Brings Back The Silver" The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hands  (BMG)

-La Luz "Call Me In The Day" Damp Face  (Burger)

-The Fat White Family "Auto Neutron" Champagne Holocaust  (Trashmouth)

-Rabih Beaini "Taranta 3000" Albidaya  (Annihaya)

2ª hora

-Outer Limits Recordings "W.O.T.M." Singles, Demos And Rarities 2007-2010  (Weird World)

-Flat Earth Society "Domination Of Black" 13  (Igloo)

-Teho Teardo And Blixa Bargeld "Buntmetalldiebe" Still Smiling  (Specula)

-Golden Gunn "The Sun Comes Up A Purple Diamond"/"From A Lincoln Continental" Golden Gunn  (Three Lobed)

-Master Musicians Of Bukkake "White Mountain Return"/"Gnomi" Far West  (Important)

-Mikal Cronin "Weight" MCII  (Merge)

-The Ex And Brass Unbound "Theme From Konono No. 2" Enormous Door  (Ex)

-Lumerians "Dogon Genesis" The High Frontier  (Knitting Factory)



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5 de agosto de 2013


Playlist 02/03Agosto2013

1ª hora

-Patty Griffin "Gonna Miss You When You're Gone" American Kid  (Columbia/New West)

-King Creosote "On The Night Of The Bonfire" That Might Well Be It, Darling  (Domino)

-Oblivians "Em" Desperation  (In The Red)

-Koudede "Hat-Iman-In" Guitars From Agadez, Vol. 6  (Sublime Frequencies)

-The Haxan Cloak "Consumed"/"Miste" Excavation  (Tri Angle)

-Jaimeo Brown "Mean World" Transcendence  (Motéma)

-Corin Raymond And The Sundowners "Little Bird"/"This Guy's Ours"/"Cruel Cruel Town" Paper Nickels  (Local Rascal)

-Cloud Boat "Godhead" Book Of Hours  (Apollo)

-D. R. Hooker "Fall In Love"/"A Stranger's Smile" The Truth  (Subliminal Sound)

-Melt Yourseld Down "Kingdom Of Kush" Melt Yourself Down  (Leaf Label)

-Vieux Farka Touré "Diack So" Mon Pays  (Six Degrees)

-Outer Limits Recordings "Mind Control" Singles, Demos And Rarities 2007-2010  (Weird World)

2ª hora

-Julian Cope "The Armenian Genocide" Revolutionary Suicide  (Head Heritage)

-Demdike Stare "Collision" Testpressings #001  (Modern Love)

-Bassholes "Rubber Boots" Boogieman Stew  (Columbus Discount)

-Howell Devine "Rollin' And Thumblin' " Jumps, Boogies And Wobbles  (Arhoolie)

-Master Musicians Of Bukkake "White Mountain Return" Far West  (Important)

-Yo La Tengo "Paddle Forward"/"Stupid Things" Fade  (Matador)

-Man Or Astro-Man? "Defcon 3"/"Antimatter Man" Defcon 5, 4, 3, 2, 1  (Chunklet)

-Tera Melos "Until Lufthansa" X'ed Out  (Sargent House)



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Programa radiofónico semanal ao Sábado na Rádio Castrense 93.0 fm (Baixo-Alentejo) e Rádio Universidade de Coimbra 107.9 fm, bem como ao domingo na Universidade Fm 104.3 (Trás-os-Montes), em Portugal e na Rádio UFSCar 95.3 fm, em São Carlos, no Brasil.

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EXTRA EAR is a radio show broadcasted by one radio station in Brazil, Radio UFSCar 95.3 fm, and three radio stations in Portugal: Coimbra University's Radio 107.9 fm, Radio Castrense 93.0 fm and Universidade FM 104.3.

















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