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30 de abril de 2015


Playlist 10/11Abril2015

1ª hora

-Lower Dens "Société Anonyme" Escape From Evil  (Ribbon Music)

-Sufjan Stevens "Death With Dignity"/"All Of Me Wants All Of You" Carrie And Lowell  (Asthmatic Kitty)

-Manabu Nagayama And Soichi Terada "Low Tension (Remastered)" Low Tension 1991 Remastered  (Unknown Season)

-Beach Baby "Bruise" Ladybird/Bruise single  (Chess Club)

-Godspeed You! Black Emperor "Piss Crowns Are Trebled" Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress  (Constellation)

-Coma In Algiers "Swansea"/"Extol" Happy Forever  (A Wicked Company)

-Hiatus Kaiyote "Breathing Underwater" album version Breathing Underwater single  (Flying Buddha/Sony Music Masterworks)

-Sam Lee "Bonny Bunch Of Roses" The Fade In Time  (The Nest Collective)

-Hiss Golden Messenger "Southern Grammar" Southern Grammar EP  (Merge)

2ª hora

-"Jaat Kahan Ho", Kesarbai Kerkar /"Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground", Blind Willie Johnson /"Cavatina" do Quarteto de Cordas Nº13, Opus 130 de Beethoven, interpretação do Budapest Strin Quartet The Sound Of Earth-Voyager's Golden Record

-Nick Nicely "Longwaytothebeach" Space Of A Second  (Lo Recordngs)

-Bassholes "It's So Easy"/"Linkster/Bowling Ball"/"20-20 Vision" In The Dumps~Live '96  (self released)

-Robert Robinson "Dead Possum" Connecticut River  (Feeding Tube)

-Einar Jullum "Den Aller Forste April"/"Ingen Lett Vei Ut An Ensamhet" Overraskelsen  (Jeunesse Cosmique)

-The Silence "Lemon Iro No Cannabis" The Silence  (Drag City)

-Courtney Barnett "Pedestrian At Best" Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit  (Mom+Pop Music)

-Nathan Roche "Magnetic Memories" Magnetic Memories  (Glenlivet-A-Gogh)



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20 de abril de 2015


Playlist 03/04Abril2015

1ª hora

-Cotillon "Lyman" Cotillon  (Burger)

-Father John Misty "I Love You, Honeybear" I Love You, Honeybear  (Sub Pop)

-Nathan Golub "Liberty Drive In" Nothing In Return  (Hello Good Friend Tapes)

-Wood Ear "For The Voiceless" Nothing In Return  (Hello Good Friend Tapes)

-G.L.O.S.S. "Masculine Artifice"/"Outcast Stomp" Demo  (Not Normal)

-Beach Baby "Ladybird" Ladybird/Bruise single  (Chess Club)

-Nick Nicely "Headwindaheadwind"/"Rosemarys Eyes" Space Of A Second  (Lo Recordings)

-Sleater-Kinney "Surface Envy" No Cities To Love  (Sub Pop)

-MoE "No Noise" 3  (Fysisk Format)

-R. Stevie Moore/Jason Falkner "Prohibited Permissions"/"Sincero Amore" Make It Be  (self released)

2ª hora

-"Malanesian Panpipes" das Ilhas Salomão /Canção de casamento do Perú /"Liu Shui" de Kuan P'ing-Hu The Sounds Of Earth-Voyager's Golden Record

-Einar Jullum "Overraskelsen" Overraskelsen  (Jeunesse Cosmique)

-Sufjan Stevens "Should Have Known Better" Carrie And Lowell  (Asthmatic Kitty)

-Dengue Fever "Cardboard Castles" The Deepest Lake  (Tuk Tuk)

-Ty Segall Band "Thank God For Sinners" Live In San Francisco  (Castle Face)

-Destruction Unit "Bumpy Road" Live In San Francisco  (Castle Face)

-Sam Lee "Jonny O'the Brine" The Fade In Time  (The Nest Collective)

-Johnny Dowd "Words Are Birds"/"Dear John Letter" That's Your Wife In The Back Of My Horse  (Mother Jinx)

-Missing Organs "Requiem For An Open Return" Undiscovered  (Power Moves)

-Crystalline Roses "It Surrounds Us All-Pt. 2-Loss Of Shame" Cosmic Driftwood  (Feeding Tube)

-Pascal Comelade/Les Limiñanas "One Of Us, One Of Us, One Of Us"/"I'm Dead" Traité De Guitarres Triolectiques-À L'usage Des Portugaises Ensablees  (Because)



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9 de abril de 2015


Playlist 27/28Março2015

1ª hora

-The Amazing "Picture You" Picture You  (Partisan)

-Julian Cope "Psychedelic Odin" Trip Advizer-The Very Best Of Julian Cope 1999-2014  (Lord Yatesbury)

-Lotic "Phlegm" Heterocetera  (Tri Angle)

-Alvarius B. "You Only Live Twice"/"The Man From Nowhere" Ao vivo a 1 de Novembro de 2014 em Walter's, Houston, TX  (-bootleg-)

-Einar Jullum "Alt Halv Tolv" Overraskelsen  (Jeunesse Cosmique)

-Manabu Nagayama & Soichi Terada "Low Tension" Low Tension EP Remastered  (Unknown Season)

-Lightning Bolt "Horsepower" Fantasy Empire  (Thrill Jockey)

-Demdike Stare "Forty Years Under The Cosh" Testpressing #006  (Modern Love)

-Nathan Golub "Liberty Drive In" Nathan Golub/Wood Ear split Nothing In Return  (Hello Good Friends Tapes)

2ª hora

-"Prelúdio e fuga nº 1" do livro 2, Cravo Bem Temperado de J. S. Bach, interpretação de Glenn Gould /"Izlel Je Delyo Hajdutin", Valya Balkanska /"The Faerie Round", de Pavans, Galliards, Almains and Other Short Aeirs, interpretação de David Munrow and the Early Consort of London  The Sound Of Earth-Voyager's Golden Record

-Lost Lander "Flinch" Medallion  (Glad I Did)

-Crystalline Roses "It Surrounds Us All-Pt.5-Birth Of A Cosmic Egg"/"It Surrounds Us All-Pt.3-I Distant Howling From The Cosmos II Dissolution Of Ego" Cosmic Driftwood  (Feeding Tube)

-Nick Nicely "Space Of A Sound" Space Of A Sound  (Lo Recordings)

-Emmanuel Mailly "Blues Two" Rodeo Ranger  (self released)

-The Unthanks "Flutter" Mount The Air  (RabbleRouser)

-Lower Dens "To Die In L.A." Escape From Evil  (Ribbon Music)

-Dick Diver "Percentage Points"/"Tearing The Posters Down" Melbourne, Florida  (Trouble In Mind)



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5 de abril de 2015


Playlist 20/21Março2015

1ª hora

-Zun Zun Egui "The Sweetest Part Of Life" Shackles' Gift  (Bella Union)

-Hiss Golden Messenger "He Wrote The Book" Southern Grammar EP (Merge)

-The Decemberists "Philomena"/"Make You Better" What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World  (Capitol)

-Lightning Bolt "The Metal East" Fantasy Empire  (Thrill Jockey)

-Destruction Unit "Slow Death Sounds" Live In San Francisco  (Castle Face)

-Cotillon "Before"/"Should Have Known Better" Cotillon  (Burger)

-Lotic "Heterocetera" Heterocetera  (Tri Angle)

-Songhoy Blues "Irganda" Music In Exile  (Transgressive)

-Johnny Dowd "Sunglasses" That's Your Wife In The Back Of My Horse  (Mother Jinx)

-Jake Xerxes Fussell "Man At The Mill" Jake Xerxes Fussell  (Paradise Of Bachelors)

-Moon Wiring Club "Compressed Elyzium"/"Military Spirals" Leporine Pleasure Gardens  (Blankworkshop))

-Pere Ubu "Drag The River" Carnival Of Souls  (Fire)

2ª hora

-"Tchakrulo", tema tradicional da Geórgia, Georgian State Ensemble dirigido por Anzor Kavsadze /"Melancholy Blues", Louis Armstrong And His Hot Seven /"Mugam", tema tradicional do Azerbaijão /"Dança do Sacrificio", Sagração da Primavera de Igor Stravinsky, Columbia Symphony Orchestra dirigida por Stravinsky  The Sound of Earth-Voyager's Golden Record

-Julian Cope "These Things I Know"/"Hell Is Wicked" Trip Advizer-The Very Best Of Julian Cope 1999-2014  (Lord Yatesbury)

-Dick Diver "Year In Pictures" Melbourne, Florida  (Trouble In Mind)

-Mark Rogers/Mary Byrne "Cold Spring" I Line My Days Along Your Weight  (Important)

-Lost Lander "Gemini" Medallion  (Glad I Did)

-Father John Misty "The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apt." I Love You, Honeybear  (Sub Pop)

-Prettiest Eyes "Out Of Control" Looks  (Aagoo)

-Bjork "Lionsong" Vulnicura  (One Little Indian)

-The Amazing "Captured Light" Picture You  (Partisan)



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Programa radiofónico semanal ao Sábado na Rádio Castrense 93.0 fm (Baixo-Alentejo) e Rádio Universidade de Coimbra 107.9 fm, bem como ao domingo na Universidade Fm 104.3 (Trás-os-Montes), em Portugal e na Rádio UFSCar 95.3 fm, em São Carlos, no Brasil.

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EXTRA EAR is a radio show broadcasted by one radio station in Brazil, Radio UFSCar 95.3 fm, and three radio stations in Portugal: Coimbra University's Radio 107.9 fm, Radio Castrense 93.0 fm and Universidade FM 104.3.

















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