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27 de agosto de 2015


Playlist 21/22Agosto2015

1ª hora

-Mbongwana Star "Shégué" From Kinshasa  (Atlantic/Elektra/Warner Bros./World Circuit)

-Jim O'Rourke "Friends With Benefits" Simple Songs  (Drag City)

-Martin Newell "St. Overdose-On-Sea" Teatime Assortment  (Captured Tracks)

-GNOD "Breaking The Hex" Infinity Machines  (Rocket Recordings)

-Kurt Vile "Pretty Pimpin"/"I'm An Outlaw" B'lieve I'm Goin Down  (Matador)

-Alasdair Roberts & David McGuiness "A Blacksmith Courted Me" Shirley Inspired-A Shirley Collins Tribute  (Earth)

-Bonnie Dobson And The Lords Of Thyme "Hares On The Mountain" Shirley Inspired-A Shirley Collins Tribute  (Earth)

-Domenique Dumont "La Basse Et Les Shakers" Comme Ça  (Antinote)

-The Apartments "No Song No Spell No Madrigal" No Song No Spell No Madrigal  (Microcultures)

-Robert Forster "Let Me Imagine You" Songs To Play  (Tapete)

-Shit And Shine "Tjc13" Chakin'  (Astral Spirits)

-Hundreds "Happy Virus" Tame The Noise EP  (Sinnbus)

2ª hora

-DJ Sotofett "Nondo Original Mix" c/ Karolin Tampere & Maimouna Haugen Drippin' For A Trip - Tripp-A-Dub-Mix  (Honest Jons)

-Liberez "...Of Blood" All Tense Now Lax  (Night School)

-Wilco "Taste The Ceiling" Star Wars  (Anti/dBpm)

-Sleaford Mods "No One's Bothered"/"Tarantula Deadly Cargo" Key Markets  (Harbinger Sound)

-M.E.S.H. "Thorium" Piteous Gate  (PAN)

-Bassekou Kouyate And Ngoni Ba "Waati" Ba Power  (Glitterbeat)

-The Cairo Gang "Gangsters Holding Hands"/"A Heart Like Yours" Goes Missing  (God?)

-Sleater-Kinney "Bury Our Friends" No Cities To Love  (Sub Pop)

-FFS "Dictator's Son" FFS  (Domino)

-Container "Remover" LP  (Spectrum Spools)

-Hiatus Kaiyote "By Fire" Choose Your Weapon  (Flying Buddha/Sony Masterworks)



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24 de agosto de 2015


Playlist 14/15Agosto2015

1ª hora

-Sufjan Stevens "John My Beloved" Carrie & Lowell  (Asthmatic Kitty)

-The Henrys "A Weaker One"/"As I Say I Do" Quiet Industry  (hR)

-Sleaford Mods "Live Tonight" Key Markets  (Harbinger Sound)

-Liberez "419 Chop Your $" All Tense Now Lax  (Night School)

-Jim O'Rourke "All Your Love" Simple Songs  (Drag City)

-Martin Newell "Wake Up And Dream"/"Ghost Of Jenni Rainbyrd" Teatime Assortment  (Captured Tracks)

-Robert Forster "Learn To Run"/"A Poet Walks" Songs To Play  (Tapete)

-M.E.S.H. "Optimate" Piteous Gate  (PAN)

-Baconhead "Foreign Or Domestic" c/ Nongenetic Cabin Fever EP  (Bizarre Rituals)

-Vardan Hovanissian/Emre Gultekin "Adana" Adana  (Muziekpublique)

2ª hora

-Bitchin Bonnie Billy Bajas "Pretty Saro" Shirley Inspired-Shirley Collins Tribute  (Earth)

-Trembling Bells "Richie's Story" Shirley Inspired-Shirley Collins Tribute  (Earth)

-Johnny Flynn "Rambleaway" Shirley Inspired-Shirley Collins Tribute  (Earth)

-The Unthanks "Waiting" Mount The Air  (RabbleRouser)

-The Eccentronic Research Council "You Ruined My Chippy Thursday"/"I Spy On J. Rocket And Other Lame Atempts At Leaving Him Alone" Johnny Rocket, Narcissist And Music Machine... I'm Your Biggest Fan  (Without Consent)

-FFS "Police Encounters" FFS  (Domino)

-Ben Zimmerman "Pausebreak, Pt. 1" The Baltika Years  (Software)

-The Cairo Gang "Be What You Are" Goes Missing  (God?)

-Benjamim "Auto Rádio" Auto Rádio  (Pataca)

-Charles Howl "The New Shade" Sir Vices  (Ample Play)

-Holy Herndon "Interference" Platform  (4AD)

-Nedelle Torrisi "Can't Wait" Advice From Paradise  (Drag City)

-Dick Diver "Private Number" Melbourne, Florida  (Chapter Music)



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Programa radiofónico semanal ao Sábado na Rádio Castrense 93.0 fm (Baixo-Alentejo) e Rádio Universidade de Coimbra 107.9 fm, bem como ao domingo na Universidade Fm 104.3 (Trás-os-Montes), em Portugal e na Rádio UFSCar 95.3 fm, em São Carlos, no Brasil.

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EXTRA EAR is a radio show broadcasted by one radio station in Brazil, Radio UFSCar 95.3 fm, and three radio stations in Portugal: Coimbra University's Radio 107.9 fm, Radio Castrense 93.0 fm and Universidade FM 104.3.

















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