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28 de janeiro de 2016


Playlist 23/24Janeiro2016

1ª hora

-The Amazing "Picture You" Picture You  (Partisan)

-Lower Dens "Société Anonyme" Escape From Evil  (Ribbon Music)

-DJ Sotofett "Tribute To 'Sore Fingers'" Percussion Mixes, Vol. 1  (Fit)

-Boys Age "Sour" The Inner Moon  (More Letters)

-The Silence "Ancient Wind, Pt. 3" Hark The Silence  (Drag City)

-The Thing "Viking Disco/Perfection" Shake!  (The Thing/Trost)

-Van Morrison "Gloria" Them/"Brown Eyed Girl"/"The Way Young Lovers Do" The Essential Van Morrison  (Exile Productions/Sony Legacy)

-Fold "She"/"Oil-Powered Machine" Fold  (Seth Mowshowitz)

-Laura Cannell "All The Land Ablaze" Beneath Swooping Talons  (Front And Follow)

2ª hora

-Roger Robinson "Walk With Me"/"Move Way Babylon" Dis Side Ah Town  (Jahtari)

-Fire! "She Owned His Voice" She Sleeps, She Sleeps  (Rune Grammofon)

-Sarah Kirkland Snider "The Past" c/ Padma Newsome, DM Stith & Shara Worden Unremembered  (New Amsterdam)

-The Unthanks "2000 Miles"/"On A Monday Morning" Memory Box-The Archives 2005-2015  (Cadiz Music Ltd.)

-Kosmischer Laufer "Fur Seelebinder" The Secret Cosmic Music Of The East German Olympic Program 1972-83 - Volume 3  (Unknown Capability)

-Sufjan Stevens "Fourth Of July" Carrie & Lowell  (Asthmatic Kitty)

-Eric Copeland "Stud Music" Jesus Freak EP  (L.I.E.S.)

-Dream Boys "Careless" Happy To Forget  (self-released)

-Shining "House Of Control" International Blackjazz Society  (Spinefarm)



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22 de janeiro de 2016


Playlist 16/17Janeiro2016

1ª hora

-Joanna Newsom "Time, As A Symptom" Divers  (Drag City)

-The Clientele "We Could Walk Together"/"Missing" Alone And Unreal: The Best Of The Clientele  (Pointy/Merge)

-Sam Binga "Believe" c/ Redders & Rider Shafique Wasted Days  (Critical Music)

-Roger Robinson "Smash And Scatteration" Dis Side Ah Town  (Jahtari)

-Roger Robinson "Iano" Alva Noto/Ryuichi Sakamoto Contemplate Mixtape  (self-released)

-Motorhead "Bomber" Bomber  (Bronze)

-David Bowie "Baal's Hymn" In Bertolt Brecht's Baal  (Parlophone)

-Sick Sad World "Orange Lazarus" Fear And Lies  (Help Yourself)

-Jake Xerxes Fussell "Push Boat" Jake Xerxes Fussell  (Paradise Of Bachelors)

-The Sprawl "From Wetware To Software" EP 1  (The Death Of Rove)

-Koes Barat "Kelelewar" Koes Barat  (Sub Pop)

-Julia Kent "Invitation To The Voyage" Asperities  (Leaf Label)

2ª hora

-Burgueses Famintos "SAMO" SAMO  (Zigur Artists)

-Stara Rzeka "Mapa" Zamknely Sie Oczy Ziemi  (Instant Classic)

-Moon Wiring Club "Sentient Drop" Playclothes From Faraway Places  (Gecophonic Audio Systems)

-Vula Viel "Takyen Korakora" Good Is Good  (self-released)

-DJ Sotofett "Main Bar Mix" c/ Jaako Eino Kalevi Drippin For A Tripp - Tripp-A-Dubb-Mix  (Honest Jons)

-Haitus Kayiote "Shaolin Monk Motherfunk" Choose Your Weapon  (Flying Buddha/Sony Masterworks)



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13 de janeiro de 2016


Playlist 09/10Janeiro2016

1ª hora

-Jacuzzi Boys "Happy Damage" Happy Damage EP  (Mag Mag)

-Domenique Dumont "La Basse Et Les Shakers" Comme Ça  (Antinote)

-The Unthanks "The Poor Stranger" Mount The Air  (RabbleRouser)

-Lee Noble "Pearl Divers" Un Look  (Patient Sounds)

-Robert Forster "Love Is Where It Is" Songs To Play  (Tapete)

-Dream Boys "Careless" Happy To Forget  (self-released)

-Moon Wiring Club "Thomas Haywire" Playclothes From Faraway Places  (Gecophonic Audio Systems)

-Moon Wiring Club "Cobwebby Whodunit" Why Does My House Make Creaking Noises?  (Gecophonic Audio Systems)

-Destroyer "Times Square"/"Midnight Meet The Rain" Poison Season  (Merge)

-Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood And The Rajasthan Express "Kalandar" Junun  (Nonesuch)

-Vula Viel "Bewa" Good Is Good  (self-released)

-Boys Age "We Still Are Together" The Inner Moon  (More Letters)

2ª hora

-Tom Russell "The Fairground Pugilist"/"Campfire Soliloquy #3"/"Campfire Ghosts/Cowboy Voices"/"Crazy Horse/Custers Luck"/"Johnny Behind-The-Deuce" The Rose Of Roscrae-A Ballad Of The West  (Frontera)

-Cotillon "Asteroid" Cotillon  (Burger)

-Fatima Yamaha "Only Of The Universe" Imaginary Lines  (Magnetron Music)

-Thus Owls "We Leave/We Forget" Black Matter EP  (Secret City)

-Lotion "Head"/"She Is Weird City" Full Isaac  (SpinArt)

-Lotion "Sandra"/"Switch" Nobody's Cool  (Black Cat/SpinArt)

-Michael Zerang And The Blue Lights "Take My Drunken Eyes" Hash Eaters And Peacekeepers  (Pink Palace)

-The Jackets "You Better" Shadows Of Sound  (Voodoo Rhythm)

-Lotic "Carried" Agitations  (Janus)

-Wilco "Pickled Ginger"/"Magnetized" Star Wars  (Anti/dBPM)

-The Cairo Gang "An Angel, A Wizard" Goes Missing  (God?)



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7 de janeiro de 2016


Playlist 02/03Janeiro2016

1ª hora

-Sarah Kirkland Snider (c/ Padma Newsome, DM Stith & Shara Worden) "The Speakers"/"The Orchard" Unremembered  (New Amsterdam)

-Dave Rawlings Machine "Pilgrim (You Can't Go Home)" Nashville Obsolete  (Acony)

-All Them Witches "Open Passage Ways" Dying Surfer Meets His Maker  (New West)

-Lotion "Paas"/"Dock Ellis" Full Isaac  (Spinart)

-Lotion "Blind For Now"/"Juggernaut" Nobody's Cool  (Spinart/Big Cat)

-Michael Zerang And The Blue Lights "Ashur Loves You" Hash Eaters And Peacekeepers  (Pink Palace)

-Atomic Suplex "One Man Party"/"Wild Love" 14 Inches... Of Fist!!!  (Dirty Water)

-Vula Viel "Lobi" Good Is Good  (self-released)

-Alameda 5 "Spectra" Duch Tornada  (Instant Classic)

2ª hora

-Little Feat "Willin'"/"On Your Way Down" On Your Way Down  (F.M. In Concert Series)

-Lee Noble "Out Of Out" Un Look  (Patient Sounds)

-Sufjan Stevens "Death With Dignity" Carrie And Lowell  (Asthmatic Kitty)

-Moon Wiring Club "Apprehended Deeplier" Why Does My House Make Creaking Noises? LP  (Gecophonic Audio Systems)

-Moon Wiring Club "Everything's Backwards" Playclothes From Faraway Places CD  (Gecophonic Audio Systems)

-Dream Boys "Sometimes" Dream Boys  (Art Fag)

-Dream Boys "Bitter Tears" Happy To Forget  (self-released)

-Circuit Des Yeux "Stranger"  (weathervanemusic.org)

-Boubacar Traoré "Bougoudani" Mbalimaou  (Lusafrica)

-Karine Polwart "The Terror Time" Joy Of Living: A Tribute To Ewan MacColl  (Cooking Vinyl)

-M.E.S.H. "Thorium" Piteous Gate  (PAN)



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Programa radiofónico semanal ao Sábado na Rádio Castrense 93.0 fm (Baixo-Alentejo) e Rádio Universidade de Coimbra 107.9 fm, bem como ao domingo na Universidade Fm 104.3 (Trás-os-Montes), em Portugal e na Rádio UFSCar 95.3 fm, em São Carlos, no Brasil.

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EXTRA EAR is a radio show broadcasted by one radio station in Brazil, Radio UFSCar 95.3 fm, and three radio stations in Portugal: Coimbra University's Radio 107.9 fm, Radio Castrense 93.0 fm and Universidade FM 104.3.

















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