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27 de abril de 2016


Playlist 15/16/17Abril2016

1ª hora

-Andrew Bird "Left Handed Kisses" c/ Fiona Apple Are You Serious  (Universal)

-Bombino "Timidiwa" Azel  (Partisan)

-Califone "Tripped On Your Cape" Insect Courage  (Future Oak)

-Audio One "Tape (For Robert Irwin)" What Thomas Bernhard Saw  (Audiographic)

-Neighbors "Secret"/"It's Hard" Very Rare Expensive Jewelry  (Malaka)

-The Comet Is Coming "Journey Through The Asteroid Belt" Channel The Spirits  (The Leaf Label)

-Craw "Unsolicited, Unsavory"/"I Disagree (And Here's Why)" 1993-1997  (Northern Spy)

-Alma Negra "Mageko" Tabanka EP  (Sofrito)

2ª hora

-Orchestre Laye Thiam "Massani Cissé" Senegal 70-Sonic Gems And Previously Unreleased Recordings From The 70's  (Analog Africa)

-Mary Lattimore "Ferris Wheel, January" At The Dam  (Ghostly International)

-No Zu "XXX (Outback Latex)" Afterlife  (Chapter Music)

-Mal Devisa "Fire"/"In My Neighborhood" Kiid  (self-released)

-Oranssi Pazuzu "Valveavaruus" Varahtelija  (Svart)

-Sturgill Simpson "Welcome To Earth (Pollywog)" A Sailor's Guide To Earth  (WEA)

-Gambari Band "Labanko" Kokuma  (Membran)

-Hintermass "From Leaving In Meaning"/"Electric Hintermass (Sound Apart)" The Apple Tree  (Ghost Box)



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14 de abril de 2016


Playlist 08/09/10Abril2016

1ª hora

-Anderson Paak "Put Me Thru"/"Am I Wrong" Malibu  (OBE)

-Richmond Fontaine "Tapped Out In Tulsa" You Can't Go Back If There's Nothing To Go Back To  (Fluff And Gravy)

-Listening Center "The Radio Listens" Aural Assignments  (Polytechnic Youth)

-Bombino "Akhar Zaman"/"Inar" Azel  (Partisan)

-Julia Holter "Lucette Stranded On The Island" Have You In My Wilderness  (Domino)

-Gnod "The Mirror" Mirror  (Rocket Recordings)

-Inutili "We Can Stop At The Ocean For A Swim On The Way" Elves, Red Sprites, Blue Jets  (Aagoo)

-Steve Mason "Planet Sizes" Meet The Humans  (Domino/Double Six)

-Plates Of Cake "Boyfriends"/"Old Time Brutes" Becoming Double  (self-released)

2ª hora

-Songs Of Separation "Over The Border" Reflections On The Parting Of Ways  (Navigator)

-Craw "Strongest Human Bond"/"Botulism, Cholera And Tarik"/"Shocklight" 1993-1997  (Northern Spy)

-Alma Negra "Tabanka" Tabanka EP  (Sofrito)

-Andrew Bird "Capsized" Are You Serious  (Loma Vista/Universal)

-Old Jerusalem "Florentine Course"/"Twenties" A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose  (Sony)

-Hintermass "Apple Tree" The Apple Tree  (Ghost Box)

-Khun Narin Electric Phin Band "Chackim" II  (Innovative Leisure)

-The Comet Is Coming "Space Carnival" Channel The Spirits  (The Leaf Label)

-Niagara "Mizu" Hyperocean  (Monotreme)



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6 de abril de 2016


Playlist 25/26/27Março2016

1ª hora

-The Soft Pink Truth "Are You Looking?" Why Pay More?  (self-released)

-Alif "Eish Jabkum Hon?" Aynama-Rtama  (Nawa)

-David Bowie "Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)" Blackstar  (ISO)

-Stick In The Wheel "Bedlam" From Here  (From Here)

-Craw "Sound Of Every Promise"/"I Fought Dirty" 1993-1997  (Northern Spy)

-Kurt Vile "Wild Imagination" B'lieve I'm Goin' Down  (Matador)

-Listening Center "Other Angles" Aural Assignments  (Polythecnic Youth)

-Fold "The White Man" Fold  (self-released)

-Wimps "Vampire"/"Dump"/"Couches" Suitcase  (Kill Rock Stars)

-Joanna Newsome "Sapokanikan" Divers  (Drag City)

-Rabit "Snow Leopard" Communion  (Tri Angle)

2ª hora

-In The Mouth Of The Wolf "Sleight Of Hand" In The Mouth Of The Wolf EP  (Diagonal)

-U.S. Girls "Woman's Work" Half Free  (4AD)

-Tuff Love "Slammer" Resort  (Lost Map)

-ONO "Billy The Kid"/"Snatch" Spooks  (Moniker)

-Octagrape "Seizures" Aura Obelisk  (Sounds Familyre)

-SARS & AR "For Those Who Strive" For Those Who Strive  (Northern Electronics)

-Sick Sad World "Skateboarding Girl" Fear And Lies  (Help Yourself)

-Inutili "The Screaming Nature Of A Criminal" Elves, Red Sprites, Blue Jets  (Aagoo)

-The Body "Starving Deserter" No One Deserves Happiness  (Thrill Jockey)

-Sarak Kirkland Snider "The Orchard"/"The Song" Unremembered  (New Amsterdam)



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EXTRA EAR is a radio show broadcasted by one radio station in Brazil, Radio UFSCar 95.3 fm, and three radio stations in Portugal: Coimbra University's Radio 107.9 fm, Radio Castrense 93.0 fm and Universidade FM 104.3.

















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