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20 de setembro de 2016


Emissão "Ar Condicionado" #6 - Verão 2016

Playlist 09/10/11Setembro2016

1ª hora

-Richard Thompson "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" Rumour And Sigh  (Capitol)

-Saturday Looks Good To Me "Until The World Stop Spinning" Every Night  (Polyvinyl)

-Ike And Tina Turner "A Fool In Love" Millenium Collection  (Digimade Entertainment)

-Saint Etienne "A Good Thing" Tales From Turnpike House  (Sanctuary)

-Viviene Goldman "Same Thing Twice" Resolutionary  (Staubgold)

-Mustafa Ozkent "Dolana Dolana" Gençlik Ile Elele  (Finders Keepers)

-The Cure "Play For Today" Seventeen Seconds  (Fiction/Polydor)

-Spoon "Rhythm And Soul" Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga  (Merge)

-Girls In Hawaii "Short Song For A Short Mind" Acuarela Songs 3 compilação  (Acuarela)

-The Animals "Brother Bill (The Last Clean Shirt)" Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted  (Polydor)

-Orchestra Baobab "Toumaranke" Pirates Choice  (World Circuit)

-Gaudi "Genesis" Earthbound  (Antenna)

-Fitness Forever "L'Anarchica Pugliese" Personal Train  (Elefant)

-Doug Martsch "Sleeve" Now You Know  (Warner Bros.)

2ª hora

-Sufjan Stevens "All Good Naysayers, Speak Up! Or Forever Hold Your Peace!" Greetings From Michigan: The Great Lake State  (Asthmatic Kitty)

-Milton Brown And His Brownies "Taking Off" Hillbilly Fever! Vol. 1-Legends Of Western Swing  (Rhino)

-Only Child "I've Got A Right" Satellites And Constellations  (Grand Central)

-Nada Surf "Happy Kid" Treats compilation  (Barsuk)

-Konk "Elephant" The Sound Of Konk: Tales Of The New York Underground 1981-1988  (Soul Jazz)

-Karen Marks "Cold Café" Sky Girl compilation  (Efficient Space)

-Joyce Heath "I Wouldn't Dream Of It" Sky Girl compilation  (Efficient Space)

-Fingerprintz "Wet Job" The Very Dab  (Virgin)

-The Sea And Cake "Two Dolphins" Oui  (Thrill Jockey)

-Anita Lane "Lost In Music" Dirty Pearl  (Mute)

-The Tyde "Henry VIII" Twice  (Rough Trade)

-Scud Mountain Boys "Penthouse In The Woods" The Essential 1993-1996  (Discmedi)

-The Dominoes "60 Minute Man" The First Rock And Roll Record compilation  (Famous Flames)

-Les Négresses Vertes "C'Est Pas La Mer À Boire" Mlah  (Off The Track)

-Tipsy "Reverse Cowgirl" Uh-Oh!  (Asphodel)

-Ibrahim Ferrer "De Camino A La Vereda" Buena Vista Social Club  (World Circuit)



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