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23 de novembro de 2016


Playlist 11/12/13Novembro2016

1ª hora

-Mini-Mekons & Robbie Fulks "A Fearful Moment"/"I Say, Hang Him!" Jura  (Bloodshot)

-Some Of My Best Friends Are Canadians "Feeling Sheepish" Sky Girl compilation  (Efficient Space)

-Johnny Dowd "Last Laugh" Execute American Folklore  (Mother Jinx)

-Lambchop "Relatives #2" FLOTUS  (Merge)

-G.L.O.S.S. "Fight"/"We Live"/"Trans Day Of Revenge" Trans Day Of Revenge 7''  (Sabotage)

-Bombino "Tamiditine Tarhanam" Azel  (Partisan)

-Jacuzzi Boys "Lucky Blade" Ping Pong  (Mag Mag)

-Danny Brown "Tell Me What I Don't Know"/"Today" Atrocity Exhibition  (Warp)

-Gang Of Four "Damaged Goods" Live... In The Moment  (Gill Music Ltd.)

-Wovenhand "Go Ye Light" Star Treatment  (Glitterhouse)

-Prairie WWWW "Moon" Wu-Hai  (Guruguru Brain)

2ª hora

-Neko Case/K.D. Lang/Laura Veirs "Georgia Stars" case/lang/veirs  (Anti-)

-Rook Vallade "Badlstmp" Vestiges  (Touchin' Bass)

-Fire! Orchestra "Ritual, Pt. 4" Ritual  (Rune Grammofon)

-Sadler Vaden "You Can't Have It All" Sadler Vaden  (Glass Jaw)

-Hintermass "From Leaving In Meaning" The Apple Tree  (Ghost Box)

-Throbbing Gristle "What A Day" Close To The Noise Floor: Formative UK Electronica 1975-1984  (Cherry Red)

-Third Door From The Left "In The Room" Close To The Noise Floor: Formative UK Electronica 1975-1984  (Cherry Red)

-Hiss Golden Messenger "Say It Like You Mean It" Heart Like A Levee  (Merge)

-Dinosaur Jr. "Good To Know"/"Left/Right" Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not  (JUagjaguwar)

-Darren Hayman "Strethal"/"Bradbourne" Thankfull Villages, Vol. 1  (Rivertones)



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10 de novembro de 2016


Playlist 28/29/30Outubro2016

1ª hora

-Danny Brown "When It Rain" Atrocity Exhibition  (Warp)

-Thee Oh Sees "Gelatinous Cube" A Weird Exits  (Castle Face)

-Mini-Mekons & Robbie Fulks "Refill"/"Land Ahoy!" Jura  (Bloodshot)

-Katie Gately "Tuck" Color  (Tri Angle)

-Wovenhand "Golden Blossom" Star Treatment  (Glitterhouse)

-Johnny Dowd "Unease And Deviance"/"3.29.48" Execute American Folklore  (Mother Jinx)

-The Couch "Full Treatment" Midnite Spares compilation  (Efficient Space)

-Cameron Allan And Graham Birdstrup "Bikini Atoll" Midnite Spares compilation  (Efficient Space)

-Xylouris White "Erotokritos (Opening)" Black Peak  (Bella Union)

-The Comet Is Coming "Journey Through The Asteroid Belt" Channel The Spirits  (Leaf Label)

-Sleeping Beauties "Slumber Party" Sleeping Beauties  (In The Red)

-Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds "Distant Sky" Skeleton Tree  (Bad Seed Ltd.)

2ª hora

-Ciggie Witch "Latest Fashion" Classic Connection  (Lost & Lonesome)

-Gang Of Four "What We All Want" Live... In The Moment  (Gill Music Ltd.)

-Moor Mother "Paralell Nightmares"/"Chain Gang Quantum Blues" Fetish Bones  (Don Giovanni)

-Hiss Golden Messenger "Happy Day (Sister My Sister)" Heart Like A Levee  (Merge)

-East Of Venus "In The Sun" Memory Box  (Omnivore)

-Jacuzzi Boys "Boys Like Blood" Ping Pong  (Mag Mag)

-The Amazing "Tracks" Ambulance  (Partisan)

-Carla Dal Forno "DB Rip" You Know What It's Like  (Blackest Ever Black)

-Flock Of Dimes "The Joke" If You See Me Say Yes  (Partisan)

-Karl Blau "To Love Somebody"/"Homecoming" Introducing Karl Blau  (Bella Union)

-Crotaphytus "Diving Through The Ocean Of GJ 1214b" Project STS-31: Spiralgalaxie - Hubble Telescope Series, Vol. 3  (SolarOneMusic)

-Danny And The Darleans "Cat Squirrel" Bug Out  (In The Red)



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Programa radiofónico semanal ao Sábado na Rádio Castrense 93.0 fm (Baixo-Alentejo) e Rádio Universidade de Coimbra 107.9 fm, bem como ao domingo na Universidade Fm 104.3 (Trás-os-Montes), em Portugal e na Rádio UFSCar 95.3 fm, em São Carlos, no Brasil.

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EXTRA EAR is a radio show broadcasted by one radio station in Brazil, Radio UFSCar 95.3 fm, and three radio stations in Portugal: Coimbra University's Radio 107.9 fm, Radio Castrense 93.0 fm and Universidade FM 104.3.

















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